How to Make Jingle Bell Bracelet

Product Details

Quantity of Items Needed:

•12 inches red grosgrain ribbon, 3/8 inch wide

•4 jingle bells, 18mm each

•11 green barrel-shaped pony beads

•8 inches gold elastic cord


•Anti-fraying glue

Step 1: Thread 12 inches of red ribbon and 8 inches of gold cord through the jingle bell, centering each.

Step 2: Thread 11 pony beads onto each side of the jingle bell on the gold cord. Pull the ends of the gold cord and tie in a square knot.


Step 3: Trim the ends and apply anti-fraying glue. Hide the knot inside the beads.

Step 4: Tie the ribbon into a bow. Trim the ends diagonally and apply anti-fraying glue to the cut edges.


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