How to Make Angel Earrings

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     Necessities for making beaded earrings:

  •   0.8mm silvery copper wire
  •   0.3mm tiger tail wire
  •   8mm white imitated pearl acrylic beads
  •   6mm white imitated pearl acrylic beads
  •   4mm white imitated pearl acrylic beads
  •   Tibetan style wing beads
  •   Earring hooks
  •   Round nose plier
  •  Wire cutter plier
  • Side cutting plier


  Step 1: Make angel’s ring

  1st, string 6 4mm white pearls onto a 15cm length of tiger tail;
  2nd, back wire through all strung beads;
  3rd, tighten the wire;
  4th, tie a firm knot there;
  5th, back both ends through the strung beads again;

  6th, cut off excess wire and the beaded ring is done.

  Step 2: Wire wrap angel’s body

   1st, cut a 18cm length of copper wire and slide two 4mm pearls and two 6mm pearls onto wire;
   2nd, cross wire ends to form a triangle about 2.7cm high;
   3rd, wrap one end around the other end and cut off excess length of the end;
   4th, slide a wing bead and a 8mm white pearl onto the other end;
   5th, add beaded ring and another 4mm white pearl onto the wire;
   6th, make a wire wrapped loop atop;

   7th, cut off excess wire and tuck the sharp end.


  Step 3: finish the angel earrings.

  Attach an earring hook onto the beaded angel, and repeat to make the other piece.


  The final look of beaded angel earrings:

 So beautiful, right?

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