How To Make A Necklace With Wire Lace

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1. Look at sample pictures of different ways to use wire lace, and create a pattern that uses the techniques you like. You may want to stretch parts of the tube to create ruffles, twist parts of it into thread, feed a ribbon or string through it to strengthen it or add complexity, or embroider beads onto it.

2. Sew beads onto a separate ribbon if you want to thread a beaded ribbon through the tube. Leave spaces on the ribbon where you want to thread or sew beads on the outside of the tube. Thread the ribbon through the tube by attaching it to a needle and gently working the needle through the inside of the tube.

3. Twist one end of the tube into a narrow point, and slide larger beads onto it. Arrange them over the spaces you have left for them on the inner ribbon.

4. Spread the tubing into ruffles where you want to add volume by pulling it gently open. Readjust your external beads over the tube, which will have shifted somewhat.

5. Sew seed beads onto the outside of the tubing, if desired. You can use these to secure beads and ruffles on the tubing by sewing all the way through the wire lace and fixing it in place, or you can simply embroider the seed beads onto the lace as embellishment.

6. Attach an S-clasp to the ends of your necklace by threading the tubing through the rings on each side, folding the ends down and sewing the mesh to itself. If you used an inner ribbon, make sure to thread it through the rings and sew it off inside the tube as well.

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