Hippo Necklace

Product Details

Here’s what you’ll need:

•plastic hippo

•gold spray paint

•screw eye

•jump ring

•24″ of chain

•chain nose pliers

1. Start by spray painting your hippo gold. It’ll take a few coats to make sure you get all the angles. Next, screw in a screw eye to the top of the little guy. I used the pliers to hold the screw eye in place, and turned the hippo while applying a good amount of pressure.

2. Use the pliers to open one link in your chain and attach it to the other end. Close the link again, ensuring that it’s secure and the adjacent links won’t slip out. (This will be a necklace that you’ll slip over your head, rather than clasp at the back.)

3. Finally, open a jump ring with the pliers and connect the hippo to the necklace.

Enjoy it!


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