Hemp Bracelet/Ankle

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•Hemp Cord (I used six 24-inch strands of 10 lb. hemp for my ankle bracelet.)

•Seed Beads – choose either 6/0 or 8/0 size.  I used size 8/0 in this project.

•Set of 5mm Glue-on End Caps

•Lobster Clasp

•Metal glue


•You will also need a pin, clip, or clipboard to hold your bracelet while you work

1.Trim your hemp cord to six strands of 24-30 inches.  Why the range?  Well, hemp is made from several strands wound together.  As you string beads onto it, it can begin to unravel.  If this starts to happen, you should trim off the frayed end to keep working.  The size of hole in your bead will make the most difference in how much your hemp will fray as you work.  The larger the bead, the less fray you will have, but if it’s a snug fit, you will want it a little longer.  You can always trim off excess when your bracelet is finished, but you can’t add more length if you run short.

Tie your six strands together with an overhand knot.  Then, secure the end to your workplace.  I clipped mine to a canvas board because that is what I had handy, but a clipboard will work well for woven bracelets, too!

Separate your strands into three groups of two strands each.  We will be making a basic braid, but to give the bracelet weight and texture, we are doubling up the amount of cord going into the bracelet.  On the outermost strand, thread on a bead, and begin to braid. I begin working left to right, but it makes no difference.

2. When you get to the other side of your braid, again, thread a bead onto the outermost strand, and braid the two strands to the center.  You will continue this pattern for the whole bracelet.  In my case, each time I pulled from the left, I added an orange bead.  Each time I pulled from the right, I added a red bead.

3. This gave me two separate rows of color.  You could incorporate even more colors, or you could make the whole bracelet a single color – this is where you make the pattern your own!  Continue adding beads into your braid like this for the length of the bracelet, which should be a final braided length of 8 to 9 inches.  (The range accounts for your own preference.  Standard ankle bracelets are 9 or 10 inches, depending on which size the wearer prefers.  We will be adding one inch of length when we add the clasp at the end.)

4. When you reach your desired length, tie an overhand knot to secure your braid.

5. A toggle clasp is included with the 5mm set, but for additional security, I like to replace it with a lobster clasp.  Toggle clasps work well for bracelets, but as much movement as your legs do, I don’t recommend them on ankles.  You can save the toggle findings for a future jewelry project!

All you have to do is trim your bracelet “tails” to the length of the cap, which is roughly 1/4 inch.  Add a dab of jewelry glue to the inside of the cap, and cover your bracelet tails.  Give it a good twist to ensure that it fully coats, and allow it to dry.  Do this for both ends.  It will be dry enough to finish your piece in about 5 minutes, but give it at least 30 minutes before wearing your bracelet.

6. Now, just add a jump ring and lobster clasp to finish your piece (or, if you opted to make it wrist-sized, you can use the toggle clasp that comes with the end caps) and that’s it!


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