He Loves Me- Valentine's Shirt

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Give a Valentine's shirt to your lover. Thanks for her/him accompany. Give it to your lover to send your love.

Materials needed:

T-shirt, all kinds of ribbon, freezer paper.

Start by ironing on a piece of freezer paper to the front of the T-shirt.

Place the shinny side of the freezer paper down on the fabric and iron it.

Turn your shirt right side out.

Draw out some you like to say, like he loves me or draw a flower on it.

It would be so cute if you write different languages for all kinds of colors.

Use a disappearing pen to write letters on the freezer paper.

Now, run a gathering stitch down the center of the ribbon.

Gather up the ribbon, don't gather too tight for this.

Start with the end of ribbon and your first letter.

Turn the ribbon just a bit so the end is covered all the ribbon.

Begining sewing your ribbon on, following your marking lines on.

Fold the ribbon under the end of the word.

Continue sewing your ribbon onto your other words.

Decorate some flowers onto the shirt, it will be more different.

Follow the mark lines for this as well, sewing the ribbon follow the lines.

For the center of the flower, switched back to the ruffled white.

Sew that in the center of the flower in a spiral, so your spiral gets smaller and smaller until is all covered.

Turn out shirt inside out. It is time to remove all the freezer paper.

Start by tearing off the big pieces around the edges. Just pull it gently.

Once you have trimmed off all the freezer paper, turn it right side out and press out all the wrinkles.

It is just so easy and fast. Hurry up having a try and giving a surprise to him/her.  :   )

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