Handmade Heart-Shaped Hair Clip

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The children's heart-shaped hair clip is feeling very lovely and cute, yeah? Would you like to make one for your children. Ir I were you, I'd like to to make one for them. Because they will be happy to such a beautiful hair clip.

Making heart shaped-hair clip the materials required for red and white wool fabric, metal edge clip, needle and thread.

The DIY steps are as the following shown:

Step 1: cut a large piece of red heart-shaped wool fabric.

Step 2: cut a small piece of white heart-shaped wool fabric.

Step 3: cut a small slit in the red heart-shaped fabric 

Step 4: put the metal edge clip into the slit and sutured.

Step 5: put the white heart-shape fabric into center of red heart-shaped fabric.

              Make sure to cover the short end of metal clip and then sutured together.

Step 6: you can sew decorative lines with purple or red embroidery. In order to distinguish the left and right heart-shaped valves.

In addition, you can also according to your preference, change the color or appearance of the hair clip. Such as the jagged edges of heart-shaped patterns are good to see.

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