Handmade Flower Pendant Necklace

Product Details

This flower pendant necklace is not difficult for you to learn well. Next, I will bring you to explore the details.

Materials: 5 teardrop-shaped blue beads, lace belt, some small beads, metal chains, metal wire, a small metal ring.

Step 1: string the blue teardrop-shape beads to make a flower shape as below.


Step 2: roll lace ribbon into a multi-layered floral lace pattern, fixed with glue.


Step 3: use metal wire to string the lace flower as the center of finished flower.


Step 4:use the small metal ring to fix the back of metal bead flowers.

Step 5: stick the felt onto beaded flowers with glue.

Step 6: combine the metal chain and lobster clasp, then connected to the small metal ring of the beaded flowers at both ends .

An elegant necklace is completed!

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