Handmade Decoration Flowers

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 Here are showing you the pictures of all kinds of colored decoration flowers. Do you like them?

You can use them to decorate your blouse or your dress. Believe some of you will be very need them.

Now, let's begin our project.

Material needed: some pieces of wool felt in two colors, round magnet, needle and thread.

1. Start by cutting three pieces of wool felt, the other is felt flower cloth.

2. Cut the flower cloth into jagged shaped.

3. Stack two pieces of cloth pedals into 60 degree angle, suture them together.

4. Put the jagged-shaped cloth into two pieces of felt, curled into cloth. Sewing in the middle petal.

5. Add the third pedal cloth to below of two pieces of felt. Put the magnet in the center of them.

   Then wrap the magnet and suture.

The details as the following shown:


Now, we have completed to make the decoration flowers. If you feel good, you can also make another different colored of it in the same way.  :   )

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