Hammered Heart Necklace

Product Details

Supplies needed:

16 gauge wire

Chasing Hammer

Anvil Jewelers Tool

Round Nose Pliers


Toggle Clasp

super glue

Step 1:  Cut a 5-6 inch piece of wire.  Form the wire into a shape of a heart.  I twisted the wire at the bottom of the heart to I had something to hold onto.

Step 2:  Place the wire heart on the anvil.  Use the larger side of the hammer to flatten the metal.  Then use the round side of the hammer to add more texture.

Step 3:  Cut access wire off the bottom of the heart. Glue bottom of heart end of heart together.

Step 4:  Add toggle clasp to end of chain.

Step 5:  Add jump ring to heart then add to chain. Done!

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