Half Drilled Earring Project

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1) Squeeze small, equal amounts of each epoxy tube (the resin and the hardener) onto the piece of paper. Mix with a toothpick until the epoxy begins to thicken. (This epoxy begins to set in 15mins and needs 24hrs to cure completely, so you have enough working time to set the pearls just right).

2) Take just a very small amount of the end of your toothpick and place a couple of small drops inside the pearl cup (D) and on the small post inside of the cup. (You really don't need a lot of epoxy to hold the pearl onto the cup. Air needs to be able to reach the epoxy to cure completely, so smaller amounts of epoxy will hold much better than a lot. If you use too much epoxy, air won't be able to cure the epoxy completely, and the pearl won't hold to the cup securely).

3) Attach the pearl (C ) to the pearl cup. Press the two together and clean up and epoxy that has squeezed out with a wet paper towel.

4) Allow the pearl earring to sit undisturbed for 24 hours.

5) Take the toothpick that you used to put epoxy on the pearl cup back into the drop of mixed epoxy. Set the epoxy somewhere where it can remain undisturbed. The toothpick in the epoxy is a great indicator as to when the epoxy in the pearl cup is completely cured. (This is a great tip that can be used whenever you use epoxy in your designs!)

6) Repeat all steps to create the other earring. Attach an earnut (A) to the posts and you have easy pearl earrings that are just as easy to wear! Enjoy!

Quantity of Items Needed

2 Ear Back 5mm Medium Gold Filled (A)
1 Epoxy 330 (B)
2 Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5818 8mm Half Drilled Cream Rose (C)
2 Gold Filled Pearl Post with Cup 5mm (D)

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