Goldstone Bracelet

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1 Pkg. Goldstone Rounds, 8mm

1 Pkg. Gold Plated Rounds, 4mm

1 Pkg. Antique Gold Plated Floating Rings, 8mm

1 Pkg. Antique Gold Plated Bali Style Heishi, 4mm

1 Pkg. Preciosa Indicolite Bicone Crystals, 6mm

1 Pkg. Gold Plated Jump Rings, 4mm

1 Pkg. Antique Gold Plated Toggle Clasp with Twist Bar

1 Pkg. Gold Plated 2 inch Thick Eye Pins

Tools you will need:

Flat Chain Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Side Cutters


Step 1. Onto an eye pin, slide one Gold Plated round, one Gold Plated Floating Ring, one Indicolite Crystal, one Heishi, one Goldstone Round, one Heishi one Indicolite Crystal, one Gold Plated Floating Ring, and one Gold Plated round. Form a simple loop on each Eye Pin by bending it 90 degrees with Flat Nose Pliers. Trim the excess with Side Cutters to leave 3/8 inch behind, then curl this into a tight loop with Round Nose Pliers.

Step 2. Repeat Step 1 four times.

Step 3. Using your Flat Nose Pliers twist open a 4mm Jump Ring and slide this through the loop on your first Eye Pin from Step 1. Before twisting the Jump Ring closed take a second Eye Pin and slide the Jump Ring through the loop. Twist the Jump Ring closed.

Step 4. Repeat this three more times with the remaining Eye Pins. Feel free to slightly bend the Eye Pins once finished the bracelet to fit more closely to the curve of the wrist.

Step 5. Twist open a Jump Ring and slide it through the loop on the last Eye Pin and then through the loop on one piece of the Toggle Clasp. Twist the Jump Ring closed. Repeat this on the other side with the other end of the Clasp. Enjoy!

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