Gold Dipped Earring

Product Details

You’ll need:

•Large Silver Hoops

•Crystal Drop Beads

•Gold Gilding Paint

•2 Jump Rings

•Thin wire for wrapping (24 gauge)

•Tools: Paintbrush, tape, jewelry tools

1. Start by wire wrapping your drop beads and adding the wire to a jump ring.

2. Wrap tape around your bead at an angle.

3. Paint the bottom half of the bead with your paint. Do two coats of the gilding so it’s well covered. A clothespin makes a great bead holder so that the paint isn’t resting on your craft surface.

4. Wait for your paint to dry. Once it’s dry, add your jump ring to your large hoop.

5. Add an ear wire to the jump ring as well.

And you are done.



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