Gluing Swarovski Elements Crystal Rivoli Stones into a Rivoli Component

Product Details

Step 1

Pick the Rivoli Component you would like to use and the Swarovski Elements Crystal Rivoli Stone.

Step 2

Squeeze a small amount of 5 Minute Epoxy in a disposable tray or paper plate. It is very important to use an even amount of the 2-part epoxy.

Step 3

Mix the 2 parts together thoroughly with a toothpick (about 20 seconds). Once you have mixed the epoxy, you have about a 4-5 minute window to work in before the epoxy becomes too hard and stringy to work with.

Step 4

With your toothpick, apply a thin coating of the epoxy to inside of the Rivoli Component.

Step 5

Place your Swarovski Elements Crystal Rivoli Stone into the Rivoli Component.

Step 6

Gently press down on the Swarovski Elements Crystal Rivoli Stone to make sure it is secure in the Rivoli Component.

Step 7

Let the epoxy completely set up for 15 minutes. Congratulations! You have glued your Swarovski Elements Crystal Rivoli Stone into your Rivoli Component.

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