Glass Rhinestone Earring

Product Details

What you’ll need:

•two chandelier parts

•a pair of earwires

•4 jump rings (I used two 3mm and two 6mm)

•2 rhinestones

•2 headpins (I used two with balls and two flat heads)

•pair of flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers and wire cutters


1) Place a headpin (the one with a ball) through the hole of a chandelier part.

2) Wrap the wire around round-nose pliers to form a loop, wind the wire around 2-3 times below the loop, cut the excess and squeeze down the tip with flat-nose pliers so it lies flat.

3) Thread a headpin (the one with flat head) to a rhinestone and bend it at a 90 degrees angle.

4) Grasp the end of the headpin with round-nose pliers, then twist it in a circular motion until it forms a small loop.

5) Place a jump ring through the hole of a chandelier part.

6) Add the rhinestone to the jump ring and close the opening.

7) Add jump ring to the earwire and chandelier part, and you’re done!


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