Gifts for the Wedding

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Gifts for the Wedding

When attending a wedding make sure to bring a gift for the bride and groom! This normally includes getting them a gift that is either on their registry or it is something heartfelt that you know they will love. Help the bride and groom celebrate their wedding with a toast and new champagne glasses. A picture frame is a thoughtful gift for them to display a special moment from their wedding or honeymoon. Or how about a glass or crystal vase for all the times he brings her flowers. Our Lladro and Nao wedding collectibles are something to treasure forever.

Bridal Shower Gifts

If you are invited to their bridal shower, this also includes getting another gift, that is often for the bride or an item for the house. Dinnerware is a nice gift to help the couple set their table. A cheese board is nice for when they have their first dinner party. Flatware is a gift that they could use every day. Glasses are a great idea to help them stock their bar.

Gifts between Bride and Groom

Many couples actually exchange gifts with each other. And in the middle of all the gift giving it's hard to find the perfect gift. Give a gift with a special meaning or personal touch. For instance, if you love sailing together how about a Waterford Crystal "Sailboat"? Or get something to help represent your new life as a couple such as monogrammed barware for all your upcoming dinner parties.

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