Get to the Point Necklace Project

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1) Slip the end crimp connector to the end of one side of the square cupchain. Repeat this for the other side of the cupchain with the other end crimp connector.

2) Cut each of the silk ribbons in half. Take one half of the black silk ribbon and tie a double overhand knot around the last crystal on the cupchain (the very same that has the crimp connector attached to it). Repeat this for the other side of the cupchain with the other half of the black silk ribbon as well. Pick up the 6mm cupchain and the two halves of the mermaid green silk ribbon. Tie a double overhand knot around the last crystal on each half of the 6mm cupchain. Pick up one end of each of the cupchains and hold the ends right next to one another with the square cupchain on the inside.

3) Cut about a 5" length of the 26ga artistic wire. Holding the two cupchain ends in your non-dominant hand, wrap the wire around the cupchains so that the cupchain ends are tight up against one another. Repeat this for the other end of the necklace.

4) Open the four jump rings. Use two of these to attach the two 4-3/4" lengths of chain to each of the end crimp connectors at the end of the square cupchain. Use the final two open jump rings to attach each half of the hook and eye clasp to the ends of the chain. Make sure that all jump rings are closed securely.

5) Now, weave the silk ribbon through each of the long links on the chain. To make it look consistant, have the second ribbon go through the link be behind the first ribbon. When you reach the last link in the chain before getting to the clasp, tie another double overhand knot (make sure it's tight!) and then secure the knot with a bit of glue. Allow the glue to dry completely and then snip away the ribbon with your side cutters or scissors. Repeat the ribbon weaving for the other side of the necklace.

6) Cut about a 2" length of 20ga wire and slide one of the spike beads onto it. Slide it to the center and then wrap the bead just like you would do a briolette bead. When you make a simple loop from the remaining wire, make it perpendicular to the "face" of the bead. Before closing, fit it in-between the sixth and seven crystals on the 6mm round cupchain. Repeat this same step until you have reached this exact spot on the opposite side of the necklace. Make sure all of your simple loops are closed tight and you're done!

Quantity of Items Needed
1 Hook & Eye Clasp 25x11mm Base Metal Gun Metal Plated
4 Jump Ring - Open 4mm Gun Metal Plated
1 Spool of Artistic Wire Spools 26ga (30-Yd) Black
1 Spool of Artistic Wire Spools 20ga (15-Yd) Gun Metal
9" Swarovski Cup Chain 6mm Crystal Sterling Silver Plated
8" Swarovski Cup Chain 4mm Crystal Gun Metal Plated
10" Oval Rope Link Chain 6mm Gun Metal Plated ** Cut this down into two 4-3/4" lengths with only long links left at ends.
1 Silk String Black
1 Silk String Mermaid Green
2 Cup Chain End Crimp with Loop Gun Metal Plated
18 Czech Glass Spike Bead 13x5.5mm Jet Travertine
1 Mini E6000 Glue .18oz.

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