Flower Beaded Earrings

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Let's study how to make the flower beaded earrings!

Materials and tools: a pair of B shaped ear hook, two crimp bead, two crystal thread( 0.3mm in diameter and 30cm in length), 10 imitation glass beads( about 6mm in diameter), 20 stainless steel beads( 2mm in diameter), two bead tips, pliers, lighter

1. Put 5 stainless steel beads on a crystal thread in order, make the left and the right end of the thread cross at the fifth bead. Then strain two ends.( The right end should be longer because the glass pearls are strung through the right end. )

2. Put one glass pearl and one stainless steel bead through the right end of the thread.

3. String thread head into the glass pearl and then link the second stainless steel bead as below.

4. Put another glass pearl and the stainless steel bead on the right end of the thread and string the thread through third stainless steel bead, then strain them.

5. Repeat twice with the third and fourth pearls in the same way.

6. Put the left and the right end in the same glass pearl and stainless steel bead, then strain the thread.

7. Then string a bead tip and a crimp bead, use the pliers to press the bead tip to firm them. Cut down the thread after knotting it and use the lighter to seal up the thread.


8. Fold the bead tip. Hang it on the B shaped ear hook and this earring is finished.  Make the other one in the same way.


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