Flat Herringbone Weave

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Materials Needed:

Seed beads

Beading Thread



1) Create a bead ladder with an even number of beads, at least four beads across.

2) Flip the ladder so that the working thread is exiting the last bead on the right, and pick up two beads. Stitch down through the next bead to the left.

3) Stitch up through the next bead to the left and pull snug. Make sure that the last two beads added are side-by-side and there is no excess thread.

4) Pick up two beads and stitch down into the next bead in the ladder. Stitch up into the following bead. Continue adding two beads until the second row is complete.

5) When the last two beads have been added, stitch up through the ladder bead to the right of the working thread and pull snug. Stitch up through the last bead of the second row and pull tight. This is called a step-up.

6) Flip the work over and begin adding a new row of beads. Pick up two beads, and stitch down through the next bead in the previous row. Stitch up through the adjacent bead. Step-up at the end of the row.

7) When the bead work is the desired length, finish the final row by stepping-up into the second-to-last bead. Stitch down through the third bead, and up through the fourth, pulling tight with each pass. Continue \'zipping up\' across the row until each bead is secure.

Adding and ending thread:

Try to finish threads at the end of a row. Instead of stepping-up, continue down the side of the bead work, and secure the thread with knots every 4 to 6 beads. Attach a stop-bead to new thread and stitch into the second-to-last bead, three rows down from where you left off stitching. Exit the last bead in the top row and resume stitching.

Variation Ideas:

Use bugle beads and seed beads together for more open, netting-like beadwork. (Fireline is recommended for use with sharp beads such as bugles and crystals.) Try different seed bead sizes and shapes in the same piece. Experiment with pattern variations. Don\'t just stick to vertical or horizontal rows. Have fun with it!

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