Fishtail Friendship Bracelet

Product Details

    Supplies needed for making for making your own wristband:

  •     1mm Waxed Cord
  •     Rubber Band Bracelet
  •     Scissors
  •     Lighter (optional)
  •     Hot Melt Glue Gun
  •    Tiger Tail Wire (assistive)

     Step 1: Prepare the cord.

     1st, cut two lengths of waxed cord, about 150cm for each color;
     2nd, tie the blue cord up to one end of rubber band bracelet by tying a sliding knot. Tighten the knot as tautly as possible;


    3rd, repeat the same process with orange cord and another rubber bracelet.


   Step 2: Start to make your own wristband.

   1st, hold the two parts with fingers;
   2nd, loop the blue cord against the right rubber band in a clockwise direction;
   3rd, loop the orange cord against the blue cord and left rubber band in a counterclockwise direction;
   4th, fasten two loops with fingers;


 5th, make a clockwise loop against the right rubber band with the blue cord;
 6th, counterclockwise wrap the blue cord and left rubber band by using the orange;
 7th, tighten the cords with fingers;

 8th, making loops with the blue and orange cords alternately for 10~13times.

Step 3: Replace the positions of two colors .

 1st, in the last segment, direct the blue cord leftwards after making a loop with it;
 2nd, similarly, pull the orange cord rightwards after making loop with it;


 3rd, making loops with the blue and orange cords alternately for 10~13times, as you did in step 1.


 Step 4: Make the rest parts for woven friendship bracelets.

 1st, replace the positions of blue and orange cords;
 2nd, make the two color fishtail patterns in order.


 Step 5: Deal with the ending of bracelet.
 1st, take the excess blue (or orange) cord. Wrap about 3~5 times around the rest cord and two rubber bands;
 2nd, fold a short length of tiger tail wire and pass it through the wraps from end;
 3rd, pass the blue cord through the folded wire loop;
 4th, pull the wire hard to bring the blue cord pass through the wraps;
 5th, secure the cord tail with drops of glue;


 6th, back to the starting, remove the excess cord and then seal by using lighter.

 So, this is the two color woven fishtail friendship bracelet.


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