Fiesta Earring Project

Product Details

1) Take one of the eyepins and thread on a Fuchsia bicone. With your Chain and Round Nose pliers, make a simple loop on the other end of the eyepin wire. (Make this loop slightly larger than the loop on the other end of the eyepin wire) Use your Side Cutter to cut any excess wire off.

2) Open the smaller loop and thread one lever back earrings. Close this loop securely. Now, open the other larger loop and thread one of the Margarita charms. Close this loop securely.

3) Repeat all steps to create the other earring.

Quantity of Items Needed
2 Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads 5328 6mm Fuchsia
2 Margarita Glass 18x17mm Pewter Antique Silver Plated
2 Eye Pin 1.5" 21 gauge Silver Plated
2 Lever Back Earrings 15mm Silver Plated

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