Felt Ring

Product Details

You will need:

•wool fibre

•felting needle and foam pad/ felting mat

•beads or any embellishments

•sewing needle and thread


1) Place the fibre between your palms and roll it so that the fibre holds together.


2) Wrap it around your finger to make the ring-shape; it will shrink slightly so wrap it loosely.

3) Put the fibre in between your index finger and thumb, and roll it around so that the fibre holds together.

4) Lay the fibre on your foam/mat and poke it with the felting needle from every angle. Only move your needle straight up and down; if you move your needle sideways, the tip will break off. And be careful not to poke your fingers!

(5) Keep poking the needle until the fibre is compressed.

(6) Sew on the embellishments.

And you're done!


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