Felt Flower Necklace

Product Details


Small piece of felt

Any kind of pearls

Cutting tools

Hot glue gun

Fabric left overs

Note: Try to find the thinest fabric you can to make this because if the knots are just as big as the pearls you loose the effect.

1. Cut stripes, mines are 1.5 inches, but it depends on the size of your pearl, try to wrap the pearl in fabric and pin it making sure it goes trough, then leave enough space to sew.

2. Fold your stripe of fabric in half and sew. After you finish cut the extra leftover (you need to have the less material possible for the knots).

3. To turn them inside out I always use a safety pin.

1- secure the end of your strap with the safety pin.

2- turn the front to the inside of your strap.

3- pull trough the inside of your strap.

4- reach the other side and pull the safety pin out.

5- keep until all you turned the whole strap.

6- strap ready

4. 1- Put one pearl carefully though the end.

2- Make knots in both ends

3-Pass another pearl.

4- Make another knot.

Do it as many as you want!

5. I didn’t do it all the way around, and leave some spots without pearls, because I want to attach, the flowers.

6. To make the flower

1- pass a needle in zig-zag through the edge of your second piece of fabric.

2- secure the beginning and pass it all the way.

3- secure the end and round the corners.

4- roll the ruffle

5- pin it through to keep it safe.

7. Cut a small felt circle.

8. Hot glue the flower to the necklace, glue the piece of felt on top.

You are done!


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