Felt Circle Necklace

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You will need (for felt circles):

•wool fibre

•felting needle and foam pad/ felting mat

•small piece of craft paper

•scotch tape


1) Cut a piece of paper into a 2 x 7 cm strip. You can use any time of paper, but it has to be heavy weight.

2) Wrap the paper around a pen or round object; it should be about 2.5 – 3cm diameter.


3) Secure the loop by putting a tape around the paper. This is going to be your felt mold. I also used slightly smaller mold so that my circles would be roughly in two sizes.

4) Now, it’s time to felt. You’ll need about this much amount of wool for one circle.


5) Place the wool into the mold, and poke with a felting needle. I’m using ‘3 in 1 needle’ to quicken the felting process.

6) Keep on felting; don’t forget to felt the edges, too! I love using molds for needle felting, because they protect your fingers from the needle while making small objects.


7) When the wool looks and feels firm, take it out from the mold, turn it upside down, and put it back in the mold.

8) Poke until it’s nicely felted.


9) When the fibres are nicely compressed, take the felt out from the mold. Place the felt between your fingers, and carefully poke its sides. This is when I poke my fingers (almost always), so please watch your fingers!

When the sides are felted, it’s done! Repeat the same process to make lots of more circles. For my necklace, I used 28 circles.


You will need (for the necklace):


•sewing needle and thread

•trigger catch

•jump ring

•2 knot covers

•round nose pliers

1) Arrange the felt circles, selecting which colours come next to each other (this was the hardest process for me!).

2) Thread the needle and tie a big knot.


3) Thread it through the hole of a knot cover. Make sure that the knot is bigger than the hole!

4) Close the knot cover with pliers.


5) Thread a bead and a felt circle.

6) Repeat threading all the beads and felt circles.


7) When you finish threading beads and circles, attach a knot cover at the end.

8) Add a trigger catch to a knot cover.


9) Make a loop with round nose pliers to close the opening of knot cover.

10) Add a jump ring to the other knot cover.


11) And make a loop with round nose pliers to close the opening of knot cover. Yes, you’re done!


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