Fawn Beads Necklace

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1) Take the 22" length of chain and two Jump Rings. Attach one jump ring to the last figure-8 chain link at the each end of the length of chain. Before closing the jump rings, attach one half of the clasp to each end.

2) Take one half of the necklace and count down eight big links on the chain. With your memory wire cutters remove the small circle next to the last big link counted. Take one 2.5" Head Pin and use your memory wire cutters again to cut off the flat end of the head pin. Now make a simple loop on this end of the head pin. Attach this loop to the section of chain you were working with. Thread one round bead onto the head pin and make another simple loop with the remaining head pin wire. Before closing this loop completely, attach the other half of the chain.

3) Count two more big links down on the chain and you'll repeat step #2 again here, only this time, thread one rectangle bead onto the head pin.

4) Take the 3" head pin and use your memory wire cutters to make a flush cut against the flat portion of the head pin, leaving you with a straight piece of wire. Make a simple loop on one end of the wire, and thread on one flat rectangle bead and one round bead. Now, count down on your chain three big links and attach the beaded head pin that you were just working with to this third big link by way of a simple loop.

5) Take another 3" head pin and thread on one round bead. Make a wrapped loop with the remaining head pin wire, making sure to attach the loop to the simple loop at the base of the flat rectangle bead from the previous step. Cut off any excess wire with your memory wire cutters

6) Count two more big links down on your chain and repeat step #3 here so that it mirrors the opposite side of the necklace.

7) Count two more big links down on your chain and this time, repeat like the other side of the necklace and attach the final round bead.

To Finish.
8) Count eight more big links down on your chain and you should be at the other end of your necklace. If for any reason, it looks like you may have extra links, open the simple loop closest to the end of the chain, remove the extra links by cutting them with your memory wire cutters, then re-attach the simple loop.

9) Double check all of your connections and your done.

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