Fashion Pendant Necklace

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 The project we want to learn is pendant necklace. It looks very beautiful and charming, is not it? Now, let us explore the details of making the fashion pendant necklace.

Material: metal tube beads, crimp beads, crystal beads, beaded wire, metal chain, eye pin, lobster clasp, jump ring and pliers.

First, fix the wire with jump ring and crimp beads. String the metal tube beads and small sliver beads together.

Second, string four bead strings as below, divide them into two groups.

Third, use the metal chain to connect two large rings.

Fourth, string one crystal bead to the eye pin, and bend it with pliers:

Fifth, fix crystal beads onto the metal chain and fasten the loop.

Finally, install the lobster clasp. It is OK!

If you want your pendant necklace to be more beautiful, you can also decorate it with the butterfly bow.

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