Emerald Flyer

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1) Cut the 16" length of chain down to two 8" lengths. Open all of the Jump Rings. With two of the open Jump Rings, attach each of the Briolettes to each half of the bottom of the Butterfly Filigree and close these Jump Rings.

2) With two more open Jump Rings, attach one length of chain to each of the Butterfly Filigree wingtips. Close these Jump Rings. Use another Jump Ring to attach the Lobster Clasp to one end of the necklace half. With the remaining open Jump Rings, make a chain and attach this to the other end of the necklace half.

To Finish.

3) Glue the Peridot Cabochon into the center of the Butterfly Filigree. Glue the four Fern Green Flatbacks to each corner of the filigree (see picture above for more detailed location), and then glue the six Peridot Flatback (three for each side) to the upper wing of the Butterfly Filigree. Allow to dry/cure for at least 12-24 hrs before wearing.

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