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 As you can see the following picture, it is a pretty combination of cotton thread, pearls and linen. But do you know how we can make it? Don't worry. Today's project will introduce to you the easiest ways of making this beautiful necklace. Now, let us do it together!

Here is the materials that we need to prepare.

Ribbon, cotton wire, large beads and small beads, large and small metal ring, jump ring, linen and pliers.

First of all, we need to attach the cord to jump ring with a crimp beads.(Feed the cord through the bead and the jump ring and back through the bead.) 

Thread the small pearls onto the bead cording. Finish the strand with another crimp bead and jump ring.

knot three of the strands into the jump ring on one side of the beads, and three on the other.

Find some ways to hold the end of this strand steady.

Braid the three sections together.

Continue beading until you reach the end of your of the bead strand. Knot the cotton thread around the jump ring at the other side.

Wrap the ring completely in linen. Glue the end down. You might need to trim the rings if fabric during wrapping.

Fix the large and small beads that has wrapped to the beaded chain with ribbon. Repeat this way to the other side.

Knot the twill around the jump rings of both strands on the right side.

Repeat it for the other side.

Cut a piece of cotton thread. Tie it in a knot just under the twill knot but over the jump rings.

Oh, the sweet necklace is already making well. Aren't the combination of thread, thread, cotton is pretty? I love them!


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