Dutch Spiral

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1. For this stitch, you will need two colors of seed beads. You can use size 11 for both colors, or use two different sizes. You will need one color to be the "spine" or "spiral" beads (A) and another color for the body(B).

On a comfortable length of thread, pick up the following beads: 1 A, 3 B, 1 A, 3 B, 1 A, 3 B, 1 A and 3 B. Tie the beads into a circle and pass needle through the next A bead.

2. Stitch the First Row

To stitch the first row, pick up 3 B and 1 A. Pass needle through the next A bead in the ring. Repeat until you have four sets of 3 B and 1 A.

3. Continue to Stitch

Continue to stitch around the spiral by adding 3 B and 1 A each time and passing through the next A.

It may be difficult to hold on to the spiral at first. You can always begin by stitching around a dowel or a pencil until the spiral holds it's shape.

Tension is very important for this stitch. If you stitch too loosely, the spiral will not hold it's shape. Tighter tension will help make the spiral self-supporting.

For some ideas to vary the stitch, try using size 15 seed beads, hex-cut beads, and drop beads.

Now try the very stylish "Copper Leaf" bracelet using Dutch Spiral.


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