Doraemon Sweater Chain Necklace

Product Details

Product Details

Materials needed in making Doraemon sweater chain necklace :

Stone, pigment, leather, PU cord, hair dryer, scissors, glue.


Step 1. Prepare materials.

Step 2. Smear white pigment on the stone, then get it dry by hair dryer.

Step 3. Draw the Doraemon pattern on it. When you are finishing this  step, you should be careful and patient, especially the mouth.

Step 4. Finish two side faces. In order to glue well, we needn't smear the back.

Step 5. Use hair dryer to make ti dry and spray  the lacquer.

Step 6. Cut a piece of leather you need, and glue leather to stone.

 Step 7. Through PU cord to the pendant, and adjust the length you want, the chain necklace is done.

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