Delicate Necklace

Product Details

Material: some pearl beads, glass beads, shell beads, metal beads, metal chain, crystal thread wire, jump ring, lobster clasp, pliers, head pins.

First, To make a bead chain: cross crystal thread wire through jump ring and tighten it with crimp bead, then start beading glass beads.

Second, string another crystal thread wire at the same jump ring, then start beading pearl beads. Like below:

Third, make lovely pendant with head pin and metal bead.

Fourth, string pendants you make to necklace chains.

Fifth, make a glass bead connector and link it to the jump ring.

Sixth, string some shell beads onto a short metal chain with pliers and jump rings. The fix this bead chain to another side of necklace bottom.

Finally, install clasp. it's done!

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