Decorative Hair Combs

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Hair comb in a kind of important decorations for most of girls and young ladies. Have you ever thought of making the one for yourself. 

Look, you can see the picture of DIY hair comb. so charming and elegant. But how can we make it?

Materials: two pieces of ribbon in different colors, plastic heart shape buttons, a piece of felt, comb, needle and scissors.

Making Details:

Start by cutting two piece of ribbon. One is 2.2 cm long, the other is 1.8 cm. 

Fold into two pieces of ribbon. Align the endpoint and stitched together.

Repeat the same step as the above mentioned. Making a group of five pieces of ribbon.

String the five pieces of ribbon by needle and thread.

Sewing them together into a flower shape. As the following picture, you will see:

Cutting a piece of felt into flower stem and sew the heart shape in the front of center.

You also add the flower stem into the back of the ribbon by glue or some other thing that can stick it.

Finally, connect the comb and the flower felt together with glue.

We have already completed it! Do you like it?

It is so easy to make, yeah? Why not give a try?

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