DIY Wood Bangle

Product Details


Paint brushes

Craft paints


Printable rice paper

Craft knife

Decoupage glue

Bow and rope clip art

Chain clip art


Step 1

Using brush, paint bangle white, inside and out. Let dry. Paint inside with an accent color. (Mask exterior with painters' tape if needed.) Let dry.

Step 2

Download clip art, and print onto rice paper. With craft knife, cut out design, leaving a very thin margin of paper. (Cut away larger areas of negative space, as inside the bow of the thickest bangle, above.)

Step 3

Brush glue onto outside: Working with one-fourth of the bracelet at a time, slowly apply clip art. Once all the way around, connect ends of clip art. Let dry 20 minutes.

Step 4

Brush glue all over exterior of bangle. (It will look cloudy when wet but will set clear.) Let dry.

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