DIY Trim Gift Tapes

Product Details

Making your own trim gift for fun. You will like it very much, yeah?

So easy and fast to make such a beautiful trim gift tapes.


Cardstock or some tags, packaging tapes, trim for edges, buttons and twine for establishment, felt and glue.

Making Details:

Step 1: start by cutting your tags and trim the width you'd like.

Make sure there was room at the top for writing and the bottom of the card for a little trim.

Step 2: place your tape on the card and wrap the edges to the back.

If your cards are just wider than the tape, turn them sideways and run the tape from the top to the bottom.

Step 3: add some trim to cover the top and bottom of the tape.

This will cover the edges and add a little color. Wrap the edges to the back of the card.

Step 4: add some decorations to the card. Anything works well. You can use a little button with a twine bow.

Step 5: cut a piece of felt, just a little larger than your card.

Punch a hole in the felt so it will line up with the hole on the card.

Step 6: glue your felt to the back of the card to cover all those loose ends.

Now, just cut a length of twine and add it to the hole on the card.

That's all.

Just so cute and easy. I am sure you will like it very much.

You can also make another ground of colors or patterns for the trim gift tapes.

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