DIY Scroll Necklace

Product Details

You’ll need:

•4 wooden decorative mouldings

•3 chandelier ornaments

•9 11mm jump rings

•1 can of flat black spray paint

•a drill & 3/32″ split point drill bit

•2 pairs of pliers

•8 inches of chain & a clasp (or ribbon)

•sandpaper or an emory board

1. The hardest part of this project is finding decorative mouldings that are small enough to use. A solution is to buy a large moulding and use an x-acto knife to carve out small parts. Usually, the wood used to make decorative mouldings is super light so it can be easily broken away after carving a few lines. Use sandpaper or an emory board to file the edges smooth. Lay all the pieces out on a table for placement. Mark each connecting area with a pen, making sure the markings are symmetrical.

2. Lay the mouldings on a wooden block and carefully drill holes through each marking. File away any rough edges and brush away any leftover dust.

3. In a well ventilated area, spray an even coat of flat black paint over the mouldings and charms. Apply a second and third coat if necessary. Let them dry completely.

4. Connect each piece with a jump ring using the pliers. Finish off the necklace with either 2 pieces of chain and a clasp.

Your necklace is finished!


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