DIY Rhinestone Wrap Bracelets

Product Details


2 skeins of embroidery floss (dark gray and light gray)

gold chain

gunmetal chain

2 lengths of rhinestone chain

2 lobster clasps and 4 o-rings


chain nose pliers

Wrap Bracelet: First things first, time to attach the two pieces of chain together. Tie a piece of dark gray embroidery floss at one end of the gold chain. Thread it through a needle, and “stitch” the two pieces of chain together. Continue until you reach the end and tie another knot.

Now time to add the rhinestones!

Tie one piece of rhinestone chain to the gunmetal chain using light gray embroidery floss. Use the needle to thread through the chain and wrap around each rhinestone until reaching the end. Tie off with another knot and attach a lobster clasp. Done!

Double Rhinestone Bracelet: Use pliers to cut the rhinestone chain in half. Measure both pieces of rhinestone chain around your wrist and cut off any excess. Tie one set of ends together using 2 pieces of thread. Weave thread around rhinestone chain to secure together and continue weaving until you reach the end.

Tie a knot at the end and attach your lobster clasp.


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