DIY Resin Pendant

Product Details


Magic Glos

Pendant and earring bezels and desired jewelry findings

A sunny day, or UV curing lamp


Tile small enough to fit into lamp to cure your pieces on


Small mixing  cup


1. Pour some sprinkles into the cup, along with a few drops of Magic Glos and using toothpick, mix resin and sprinkles so that sprinkles are coated.

2. Use toothpick to pick up a clump of sprinkles/resin and spread into bezel.  You don’t want the sprinkles to go higher than the lip of the bezel.  When you are happy with the coverage, put a drop or two of Magic Glos in the middle and expose to UV to cure (either outside on a sunny day, or under a UV lamp.

3. Once cured, add another layer of resin to get the dome effect and cure again. You can add embellishments, stickers or whatever you can think of at this point too. I used my label maker to make this love sticker. I put it on top of the cured layer, then put resin over it, then cured.

TIP:  Use toothpick to “pull” resin from middle of piece out to the edges.


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