DIY Pearls and Bow Necklace

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Do you want to DIY a sweater chain necklace or a necklace for yourself or your friends? Today's project will teach you how to do it. As you can see as the following picture, it is a sweet combination of pearl and blue bows. You will like it!

Here is the material that we need to prepare.

 pearls we need to prepare( large,small and medium), beaded wire, crimp beads, jump ring and lobster clasp.

Slip the end of beaded wire through a jump ring and fix it with crimp bead.

Start string the bead onto each wire and put them close to the jump ring.

Each strand can string 15 or 17 beads.

If you have a beautiful bow, decorate you necklace with it.

Now, you can add the beautiful bow to the pearl chain. (Here is the back of pearl chain)

The following picture is the front of the bow.

After adding the bows then start string the pearls.

Reach the appropriate length and then add the bow to the chains.

Thread both ends through crimp beads and jump ring.

As you can see, the whole necklace is full of pearls and two beautiful bows.

Finally, add another jump ring to the end of the necklace. And we just need to load the lobster clasp. 

Oh, it is already completed. Hope you will like it! 

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