DIY Ombre Necklace

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Here’s what you’ll need:

◦Tear-drop Beads (9 Pieces)

◦Round Beads (20 Pieces)

◦Jewelry Wire

◦2 Chain Pieces (4 inches each)

◦3 Jump Rings & 1 Closure

◦Jewelry Plier

◦Wire Cutter

◦Acrylic Paint & Brush

Step 1: Cut a 15 inch piece of jewelry wire.

Step 2: Alternate and string the round and tear-drop beads on the wire piece.

Step 3: Once you have beaded 9 tear-drop ones, add the rest of the round ones at each end of the wire.

Step 4: Create a loop at each end of the wire piece and twist the extra wire around the loop. When making the second loop, make sure you push the beads back to the first loop and leave as little space as possible between the second loop and the beads.

Step 5: Using a jump-ring, attach the first piece of chain to one of the wire loops. Repeat with the second loop and chain piece.

Step 6:  Add a closure to one of the chain ends and a jump ring to the end of second chain. You are done if you just want a clear necklace!

Optional Steps

Step 7: Paint one-third of the tear-drop bead on the necklace with acrylic color of your choice. Repeat it on rest of the tear-drop beads.

Step 8:  Paint the second coat only at the tips of the same beads to get the ombré effect. Hang the necklace somewhere so that the paint dries off completely.


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