DIY Nice Blue Beaded Necklace

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DIY a vintage style blue beaded necklace, just so elegant and gorgeous.

The color of blue is bot bright, but it can still attract with most people's eyes.

Let's have a try together.

Here are the materials that we need to prepare.

Beading wire, crimp beads, 2 crystal connector pieces, a small ground of crystal or rhinestone pieces, 2 strand of chains, jump ring and lobster clasp for necklace closure, glue and jewelry tools.

Making Detals:

Cut a length of beading wire. Using a crimp bead, fasten the wire strand to the bottom left loop on the back side of your crystal pieces.

Thread two small beads to the wire strand, making sure to cover short piece with the beads too.

String your blue and white beads, you should have 13 beads onto each strand.

Add more beads, the clear crystal beads and navy beads until there is full of beads.

Connect to the wire to the right bottom loop on the other crystal pieces with a crimp bead.

Cut another length of beading wire. Connect to the outside bottom loop on the right connector piece.

Connect to the other end with rhinestone/crystal piece with a jump ring.

Cut another length of beading wire and connect it to the other end with crystal piece.

String the beads to the strand including the blue and white beads.

Connect your last strand to the last bottom loop on the other connector with a crimp bead.

Leave some wire on the end and feed it back through the beads.

Now, we have a pretty strand going for the bottom of necklace.

Cut the silver chains in a half. Add these to jump rings. And add these jump rings to the top connectors of the crystal piece.

Glue the jump rings to each strand of the beaded wire.

Once the glue is dry, connect each side of necklace chains with a jump ring.

Finish them off with a jump ring on one side and a lobster closure on the other side.

Now, we are all done. It's a pretty combination of the beaded wire and blue and crystal beads, yeah? 

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