DIY Lace Hair Pin

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Materials & Tools:

4-6 squares of silk fabric that are from 2-3″ (I’m using silk organza and silk chiffon)

Assorted beads

Assorted piece of lace (preferably with light beading)

Bobby pin


Needle & thread

Step 1: Cut the silk squares in to rounded shapes. These don’t have to be perfect circles. A few wobbles and jagged edges are a good thing.

Step 2: Pull with on the edges of the cut silk using your fingers to fray the edges.

Step 3: Continue fraying your silk rounds until all are nicely deconstructed. Layer the silk pieces on top of each other and tuck in a few lace accents. Pinch the center and hand stitch together, sewing a few beads into the center as you go.

Step 5: Sew onto a bobby pin. You can create 1 or multiple of these pins for a layered effect.

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