DIY Hair Clip

Product Details

Do you want to make a casual hair clip for yourself. Just DIY and come here.This project is teaching  us the details of making  the nice hair clip. And you will get a big surprise from it. 

Making Details:

Step 1:

Cutting a 30 cm striped cloth table and lining.

Press the striped cloth table and lining together with hot glue.

After gluing it, folding the cloth inward.

Curl to the both ends together with glue.

Step 2:

Cutting a 25 cm striped cloth table and lining.

Repeat the step 1 to make another small curled cloth.

The little cloth pasted the banners.

Step 3:

Cutting a 15 cm striped cloth table and lining.

Press them together.

Wrap the large and two small pieces of striped cloth and lining that we have made just now.

Step 4:

Pasted your favorite decoration on your striped cloth.

Here is a star-shaped string of pearls.

Pasted the metal hairpin in the below.

OK! The leisure hair clip is making completed! Try it on!

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