DIY Gold Tube Bracelets

Product Details

you’ll need:

•7-8 3mm x 50mm curved noodle tube beads

•1 yard of 1.5mm leather cord

•2 crimp on cord ends

•1 small spring or lobster clasp

•a pair of chainnose pliers

1. Insert one end of the leather cord into the crimp on cord end. Take a pair of chainnose pliers and squeeze the middle of the end cap to secure the leather cord.

2. Thread on 7-8 gold noodle tube beads.

3. Wrap the bracelet around the wrist to gauge the proper length. Trim and crimp on the second end cap.

4. Using the pliers, open the jump ring connected to the clasp and connect it to one of the end caps.

5. Wrap, close and your bracelet is complete!

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