DIY Glass Fringe Magnets

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1. First, put a glob of glue on a plate.  Dip the bottom of the bead into the glue, then turn it facedown to sit on a sheet of paper, so the glue is facing up.  Do many of these at a time.

2. Then sprinkle glitter over top of each of the beads.  Do not press down to embed the glitter into the glue.  This will reduce the sparkle of the glitter.  You want the glitter to sit roughly.

3. Set a different sheet for each colour of glitter you want to do.

4. Wait for the glue to fully dry for a full day.  Then  shake the excess glitter off.  Then dip the glitter again in a second coat of Mod-Podge.  You can place your magnet or thumbtack directly into this second coat of glue.  Place them face down again, and let them dry overnight again.  NOTE: if you are doing the magnets, place them  far enough apart so the magents don’t slide off  the bead because it is within the magnetic force of the one next to it.  Also test if your magnets on your fridge if once side has a stronger magnetic force, and make sure you don’t glue that side to the magnet.


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