DIY Felt Garland Necklace

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What you’ll need:

•13 felt circles – I used 6 dark blue, 3 tan, 2 aqua and 2 teal

•6 gold beads

•embroidery floss and needle

•length of chain

•two small jump rings

•lobster clasp


•chain nose pliers

Step 1: Cut your circles. I used the base of a small glass for the shape.

Step 2: Put the 3 circles together and fold them over. Make sure the dark blue circle covers part of both of the other circles.

Step 3: Knot the embroidery floss at the end and thread the needle. Bring the needle through the felt from the back and put the gold bead on.

Step 4: Take the needle back through the circles – making sure you go through all three circles  – and tie off the thread in the back. This will hold the circles together. Continue the pattern with the outer circle and repeat.

Step 5: Poke a small hole in the corner of the last circle with your needle and attach a small jump ring. Repeat on the other side. Measure the length of chain you want and cut with scissors. If the chain is not long enough to go over your head, cut it in the middle and attach a lobster clasp.


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