DIY Elastic Hair Band

Product Details

There are many hair bands selling in some stores. But sometimes you can't find the elastic hair bands you like. Why not DIY a hair band for yourself? Just change the styles and designs, you will have another new feelings.

Material needed:

cotton, lace felt, hair band, glue, scissors, needle and thread.

Making Details:

Step 1: Cut up a circle shape fabric. Sewing the pieces of cloth around, seam about 2 cm and pull the suture tightly.

Curled the pieces of cloth into a small ball and stuffed cotton.

Re-tighten the suture and sealing the openings of ball.

Step 2: Wrap the circle ball with lace felt and sew it with thread needle tightly.

Cut up the excess lace felt. Glue both sides of lace felts together.

Step 3: Repeat the step 2, superimposed the circle lace to the the small ball.

Finally,decorate the ribbon hair band and attached to shut at the ball.

The details you can see the following picture.

We have already making completed it! Would you like to try it? I hope so.

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