DIY Easy Beak Clips

Product Details


•3/8 in. ribbons

•beak clips

•Quick Hold glue


•no-slip kitchen drawer liner

1. Place the flat side of the hair clip on the ribbon.  Leave some extra ribbon hanging from the tip.

2. Use Quick Hold glue and with a toothpick, apply some glue to the tip of the ribbon.

3. Then fold the tip over to the inside of the hair clip.  Press with your fingers to apply pressure on the ribbon so it can stick to the metal.

4. Then lift up the ribbon and apply glue on the metal. Then cover the metal with the ribbon.  Use your fingers to firmly press on the ribbon and align it evenly with the hair clip.

5. For the back side of the clip, apply glue in between so you can cover the back with ribbon.

6. Next, cover the other side of the clip with glue and align the ribbon over it as well.

7. When you cut off the ribbon, remember to leave some hanging so you can apply glue and have it wrapped over to the inside of the clip.

8. To make it anti-slip, you can use the kitchen drawer liner. Cut into small pieces like this.

9. For each clip, I used 2. One on each side.

10. Apply glue on the inside and place the anti slip liner.

11. Apply to both sides if you like.  One would suffice, but I'd like to double it up just in case.

So here they are!


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