DIY Cute Chipmunk

Product Details

Materials and tools:

A brown glove, stuffing, embroidery thread(brown, dark brown, white, range and black), 1 wooden bead, fabric pen, a scissors, needle

Step 1: Flip the glove inside out, draw lines with the fabric pen as directed in the diagram, and cut with scissors. then sew along the dotted lines with brown thread.

Step 2: Flip each part right-side out. Then insert stuffing in the legs, tail, body, head, and arms. Do not fill the ears.

Step 3: Sew the body, arms, and tail

Step 4: Fold the back of the head in following order: left, right, bottom, then top, and sew shut.

Step 5: Gather the openings of the ears together, and insert them onto the back of the head. Then sew together

Step 6: Use white, orange, and black thread sew three lines on the tail.

Step 7: Sew the head, arms and tail onto the body

Step 8: Use black thread for the eyes, and sew on the wooden bead for the nose. 

Look, a brown glove transform into a cute chipmunk!

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