DIY Colorful Satin Brooch

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Look at the following DIY colorful satin brooch

Do you know how to make it? Follow me!

The diagram of making the colorful DIY Satin brooch

Tools: thick cardboard, pencil, ruler, scissor, beading needle, pin, thread

Materials: jacquard, plain cloth, safety pin, button, bead, satin

1. Tailor a piece of jacquard which is 12*30 centimeter and a piece of plain cloth which is 9*30 centimeter. 

2. Fold the jacquard lengthwise (the front side faces inside), keep about 0.7 centimeter aperture and separate them into strips of cloth and the same approach should be used in the plain cloth.

3. Turn the jacquard on the front side and tailor the two ends together as the shape of doughnut. Deal with the plain cloth in the same way.

4. Then separately shrink the tailored jacquard and the plain cloth into the shape of doughnut.

5. Pull the thread, then a flower appear.

6. Put your favorite button,bead or hanging decoration on the flower and tailor them firmly.


7. Last, put the safety pin on the back side of the cloth flower and tailor them tightly.

8. Of course now you can wear your colorful brooch made by yourself!

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