DIY Colorful Candle

Product Details

Product Details 

Materials needed in making colorful candle:

Paper cup, wax, crayon, cotton, thread, glass candle holder, popsicle sticks, glass candle holder.


Step 1. Heat  the wax in the paper cup about one minute, then stir the wax liquid before pouring into the glass candle holder. Put the cotton thread into liquid and leave it to dry.

Step 2. Open the packing bag and cut the crayon, then put them on the wax and heat 2 minutes. Stir them and heat 2 minutes again.

Step 3. In order to differ the color, support the glass candle holder first and fix the cotton thread, then pour into dyed wax liquid. After 20 to 30 minutes, turn the candle holder and go on the second kind of color wax liquid.

Step 4. When you finish the second kind of color wax liquid and leave them dry 20 to  30 minutes , lie flat the candle holder and add the third kind of color.

After 1 hour, the colorful candle can be used directly.

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